DeepLearning course project
A Multi-Task Learning Approach to Person Re-Identification and Attribute Recognition

Project for the course DeepLearning. Written in PyTorch, trained and evaluated on the Market-1501 dataset.

NLU course project
On the evaluation of BERT-based models for Italian Sentiment Analysis

Project for the course Natural Language Understanding. The goal of this project was to test 2 BERT-based italian models on multiple italian datasets from different domain, in order to compare their performances and to assess their generalization capabilities, with and without finetuning.

SIV course project
Non-rigid multi-object tracking

Project for the course Signal,Image, and Video. The goal was to extend classical rigid-trackers to allow the tracking of deformable shapes.

Bachelor's thesis
My Bachelor's thesis

This is my thesis about "Unsupervised learning for customer segmentation and its interpratability"

Final round of SoccerDataChallenge

This is the presentation of our work during SoccerDataChallenge19 in Trento (feat. Matteo, Francesco and Jacopo)